A well-established route into a successful teaching career

School-based teacher training

Entry requirements

What we are looking for

You will be a graduate, preferably with a 1st or 2:1 who can demonstrate an aptitude and a passion for teaching. We also consider applicants who have a 2:2, especially in 'shortage' subjects. If your degree does not have at least fifty per cent study in your chosen teaching subject, you may still be able to train by taking a subject knowledge enhancement course. These courses are provided online and are free; in addition living expenses may be supported.

You will have an interest in and a passion for your subject. You may well have been employed in a post using and developing your subject knowledge and skill set.

You will need at least a grade C in GCSE English and Maths. Equivalencies are accepted.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for people with the right blend of subject expertise and people skills to be able to impact upon the development of our young people. Passion for your subject is not optional.

You will have spent some time in a secondary school observing or possibly in paid employment in a support role. Alternatively you may have worked with teenagers in a voluntary capacity. We understand that early applicants may still be in the process of finding a school to visit. Look to gain experience in an all-ability state school if at all possible.

For School Direct (salaried) you will have a history of three years employment by the time you begin the course. This may or may not have been in an educational establishment. However, we would expect potential School Direct trainees to have some experience of teaching whole classes in a secondary school.

How we select our trainees

For School Direct (salaried) the Partnership (HTTP) will coordinate the recruitment process and you will be interviewed by staff from Partner schools, initially to determine whether you will make a suitable teacher and, if successful, then additionally by a Partner School or Schools with an interest in employing a trainee teacher in your subject area where one interviewer will assess your subject knowledge. Trainees will be expected to demonstrate their teaching skills as part on the second interview.

At the initial interview you will be asked to take a literacy test.

For a place on the SCITT programme you will have an interview with one of our subject specialists. If successful HTTP will allocate you to a suitable school that has requested a trainee teacher in your teaching subject.

It is a rigorous and thorough process, designed to achieve the best match of applicants to the available places. Final offers will only be made once both skills tests have been passed.

We are asking much of potential trainees; we ask more from our partner schools to support your training. If you think you have these qualities we look forward to your application.